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Whooo Doggy! We were thrilled to be invited to perform at some of the biggest festivals in the Netherland this summer. (Dear Universe, More of that, Please!)


Our favourite summer adventure was definitely the Down The Rabbit Hole Festival. Our venue for the weekend was the 'Scotch & Egg Club' sponsored by John Dewar's Whisky where we performed twice a day for three days. The stage was located within an absolutely gorgeous 'spiegel tent', a wooden- floored tent for music and dancing. The venue and crew were decked out in 1920's/30's Peaky Blinders' style, complete with a gorgeous bar serving the best whisky cocktails. The best part of this weekend was that by coincidence many of our pals were performing in the same tent!


Sheesham, Lotus & Son (CAN), whom we had opened up for a month earlier (and absolutely fell in love with) were the headlining band at The Scotch & Egg. It was so wonderful getting to hang out together and see them perform all weekend. They even joined us for a couple of songs during our set!


















Our pals Robin & Romy from Utrecht's 'Madame de Pompadour' were there working as dancing girls. It was their job to whoop it up on the dance floor and boy did they. A-dorable! And, our favourite photographer from Rotterdam Paul van der Blom, aka 'Mr. Hokum' was there DJ-ing.


The whole weekend was a musical dream date!


Other highlights of our summer performances were the Mañana Mañana Festival, North Sea Jazz Around Town and last, but definitely not the least Bad-Ass, was Zwarte Cross, which is kind of like Mardi Gras crossed with a Tractor Pull & Dirt-Bike Race.Oh Yeah!


We hope you too are enjoying a beautiful summer!

Wishing You All Much Love & Sunshine

Marie - Miranda - Shelley


Gosh darn it, we did it!

We made our first Album!

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But we didn't do it alone... We couldn't have made it to the finish line without our 200+ Indiegogo Backers and the numerous folks who contributed their time, talents and good cheer to this project. We are humbled to have had so much support during the making of our first album and so look forward to presenting this body of work to you and the world!

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After receiving our Albums & CD's in mid June we cheerfully set about packing them up, along with all the extra perks we promised our Indiegogo Backers, and shipping them out.


Such a wonderful full-circle (excuse the pun) moment!





coming this fall!



Since the outdoor-music-festival season was in full swing at the time we received our records & CD's we decided to wait with the official album release until after the summer. We are now working out the details for an official release party as well as future projects, events and tours to promote our debut album.






The Mourning Glories will be taking some time off during the month of August to visit our family and friends back home.. Miranda will be traveling to Canada, Marie to France & Shelley to Mississippi. During this time the online shop will be closed. Correspondence however will be maintained. For bookings or other inquiries please use our contact form.