Our Story

As told by Shelley.

 It's a long story, but one worthwhile...

• • •


This photograph was taken on the 24th of April, 2015. We performed a couple of tunes with Remco aka 'Ukulelezaza' as opening act for the Hackensaw Boys. The concert was actually a benefit concert for me. My friend Peter Paul Klapwijk had graciously arranged it after tragic death of my partner, Marko van der Horst, with whom i also performed as a musical duo and ran The Jumping Flea Market. The money it raised really helped me stave off pending financial disaster but it did much much more than that...


On the monday before the benefit concert i had asked Miranda and Marie if they would join me to try out some songs. I really wanted to sing a song to thank Peter Paul for his hard work and enormous generosity but i was unable to sing any of Marko and i's material. I had chosen some very difficult Boswell Sisters songs to tackle with them thinking that it probably wouldn't be doable but we would have fun trying. To my surprise our voices naturally split up in harmonies. Our timing was also surprisingly good. It was incredible what we could do together musically. I was absolutely elated.






Marko and I as 'The Uke Box'

There is also a B-side to this story…

The very evening we got together to try out these songs, Miranda and her fella split up and he packed up his stuff and had moved out. Then on the morning of the concert Marie called me and she was in tears… There had been an incident which had shattered her 3+ year relationship with her boyfriend. That night we were truly the heartache sisters on stage.


But, there is no dark without the light.

We sang for two days after that concert and have since officially formed a trio. Best gift i could have been given to combat the enormous grief i have from losing the love of my life with whom i shared so much music.


And so the melody lingers on…


One morning i awoke with the  name 'The Mourning Glories' in my head. I liked it. The girls did too. It was both dark and light. Only later did i remember something remarkable. Marko really loved flowers and Morning Glories were his favorite. He tried every year to sow them but without much luck. He just couldn't get them to grow.

Well liefie, you finally got your pretty blue flowers.


• • •




Marko van der Horst

MARCH 12TH, 1969 - SEPTEMBER 4TH 2014